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Each of our lawyers has been acknowledged as one of the very best in their field. Whether your case deals with Personal Injury Law, Employment Law, Criminal Defense lawyerrepresentation or Corporate/Business law, you can be assured that your case will be handled by an expert who specializes in that form of litigation. It is this diversity that makes us unique. We are not a firm with one specialty, but several.

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You want a firm who can offer you real experience. A firm that is well established means that they will have a team of lawyers who will be able to fight for you and understand what it takes to win.


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We aggressively defend driving under the influence charges both in court and at DMV hearings, We want to know why the police stopped your car, how well you performed on the field sobriety tests, whether the officer completed a 15-minute observation period prior to the breath test, and if the machine had any history of malfunction. We specialize in developing a defense to DUI charges. Our law firm's aggressive courtroom approach leads to charges being dropped or reduced when we can demonstrate that a traffic stop lacked sufficient legal cause, the breathalyzer machine malfunctioned, the alcohol absorption was insufficient, or other problems of proof exist such as the improper collection or preservation of blood after a DUI arrest.

Good times—a party or social event — that suddenly, in the blink of an eye — and the flash of lights in a rear-view mirror — turns into a nightmare.Three little letters — D.U.I. — can threaten everything and everyone you've ever loved, worked for, or held dear.We have successfully helped thousands of people receive favorable outcomes — with the courts, with the DMV, and with their lives — that they never even dreamed possible.



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I just want to express gratitude to  you for winning my case. I am very thankful. I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know. Vasserman and Associates Law Group are a great team of people.
                                                - H. Weldon


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More often than not different cases need different lawyers who know and understand the idiosyncrasies of your particular issue. Therefore you need a law firm that has dedicated lawyers who can deal specifically with your claim.

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